Pen Testing

Authorize one of our security experts to infiltrate your network to find vulnerabilities within your business before its too late. 


The Set-Up

Synntech takes security very seriously so the preparation for each business is planned out strategically. Our methodology is performed by security experts with industry leading software, wireless protocols, and proprietary tactics. Each test we perform is designed to show you exactly how an intruder would gain access to your company data and sensitive information. 


The Challenge

Due to the nature of this business and how we perform these test we cannot accept every client. Our penetration tests are usually longer in length and testing is conducted on a low volume basis with an average of 4 to 5 clients per year. We've designed our test to simulate an attacker in the most realistic way as possible. Our testing isn't simply just a basic network audit. There's a difference between saying "your vulnerable to an 'EAP MITM attack'." and actually digging deeper into the problem. We are here to take you every step of the way.

Auditing Services

External Network 

  • Pen testing at the network layer and vulnerabilities of up to 32 IP Addresses. 

Internal Network 

  • Pen testing on your internal network and addressing vulnerabilities of up to 32 IP Addresses.

Wireless Network 

  • Wireless penetration test, in conjunction with an internal network penetration test, for one wireless access point and associated client devices.

Social Engineering 

  • A Remote social engineering test, including two separate electronic attack vectors including spear phishing email directed at human targets within your organization, in conjunction with an external network penetration test.



Pen Testing Benefits:

  1. Plugging the Gaps

    The issues thrown up by a penetration test will highlight the existing weaknesses in your system configurations and network infrastructure, as well as any lax practices on the part of your staff that could lead to data breaches, malicious infiltration, or worse. These can then inform the amendments you make to your security protocols, and suggest software and hardware alterations that can be made to plug these security gaps.

  2. Ensuring Continuity

    Network availability, 24/7 communications, and customer or user access to the resources you provide are essential to your business operations. Any disruption to this continuity (say, a data breach, or Denial of Service attack) will have a negative impact on your operations and your bottom line. Penetration testing can throw up potential threats to all these areas, and help ensure that your business doesn’t suffer from unanticipated downtime or inaccessibility issues.

  3. Meeting Compliance

    Industry and legal requirements dictate that a certain level of pen testing is compulsory. For example, the ISO 27001 standard requires all managers and system owners to conduct regular penetration tests and security reviews, using competent testers. PCI DSS also demands penetration testing for relevant systems.

  4.  Maintaining Trust

    Falling victim to a cyber-assault or data breach is a sure-fire way to lose the confidence and loyalty of your customers, suppliers, and partners – especially if the damage affects them, personally. But being known as an organization that regularly conducts security reviews and penetration testing can effectively reassure all stakeholders that their data, transactions, and your business are all sound.

  5. Enhancing Quality Assurance

    If your organization deals in software, consumer goods, or other products dependent on a strong IT infrastructure to drive innovation and development, a secure production environment subjected to regular pen testing will enhance your standing in the market, and assure your buyers of a consistent and high standard.